But real estate can still be delightful. As the temperature starts to drop in south central PA, I often hear the question “Is now a good time to sell (or buy!) my home?” This might seem like a controversial topic, but I am consistent with my answer… Yes!

There are a couple ways to look at real estate in the winter, so let’s break it down.

First, the obvious. You can’t sell anything if you aren’t trying! If you put your home on the market, then no matter what your feelings are on the “best” or “worst” time to sell, at least you have your hat in the ring. This dovetails into the second reason to consider listing in the winter; less competition.

While everyone else is on the sideline, you’ve got the attention of the buyers who are looking. Speaking of those buyers, if they are trudging around in freezing temperatures and snow, they probably mean business.

Buyers today have the resources to do a lot of homeshopping online. If they have educated themselves about your house and have the interest to see it, all the more reason to give them the chance to buy it!

Finally, the sooner you get people through the door, the sooner you can get feedback and make any adjustments that will get your home sold quickly.

Perhaps, instead of selling, your real estate ambitions are to purchase or start investing. Some sellers are burdened with heating and caring for vacant homes during the cold months, and they may be more motivated to give you that good deal you’re looking for! Some careful winter house hunting could bring deals that won’t be around when things thaw out.

As we leave the holiday season, and enter the no-man’s land before Spring, consider getting yourself into the market. It might just pay off!

Usual caveat applies here- this blog posting is intended to be a general resource and does not constitute a real estate relationship. If you have questions about your specific real estate situation, please e-mail or call!