Right now in York, PA it is frigid outside.  And snowy.  This makes it a great time to stay inside and think about the fixtures and finishes that will make your home Pop in the spring.
Maybe you read the last blog about buying a home in the Winter, and decided to make a purchase.  Now you need to make it your own!
Either way, we have compiled a list of cool, creative, and fun websites with shopping options to furnish your house. The following are a few resources that are more unique than Home Depot or Lowes (don’t worry, homeowners visit those stores enough).  Thanks to friends and clients who have shared some of these with us:
     A little bit of everything, and a lot of it is historically based designed.  The lights, bathroom fixtures, and fans are our favorites.  Set aside an hour for this site, because it has so many options you won’t be able to stop browsing.  Some of the items are “luxury”, but hey, it never hurts to dream.
     This Brooklyn based company prides itself on sustainability and helping people build a story with their home.  We think they have some cool ideas, particularly their shelving and organizational furniture.  This is a site where you might find a unique conversation piece.
     You can thank our wives for this, because we were pretty sure they just sold pottery.  Actually, the PB has some very tasteful and affordable home fixtures.  There’s also a Pottery Barn outlet store in Lancaster if you need to touch things before buying them.
     Who knew there were so many lights?  This site has a range of prices and an unbelievable variety of colors/styles/sizes.  If you’re looking for one quick way to sharpen your house up before selling, lights are an easy place to start!
     We will visit Houzz again in a future blog, but let me introduce you to a website that will change your world.  This is Instagram+Etsy+Pinterest for houses, and on steroids.  Pages upon pages of pictures and ideas so you don’t have to think like a professional interior designer.  We love searching for ideas when we are stuck on what to do with a room or need that extra inspiration.  Many of the pictures allow you to click on your favorite fixture and link right to a place to buy it.
Want to keep it local?
www.refindings.com is the site for “York’s architectural warehouse”.  There’s not a really easy way to buy items online, but if you visit their Facebook, you can keep updated on their recent acquisitions.
Enjoy!  If you need additional referrals for your new home or your old home, just ask!  We have a great local network of craftsmen and materials for our clients.  If you have specific questions about making your home more marketable for sale, please set up an appointment with us.
*This list is meant as an entertaining resource, it is not an official endorsement of any of these sites or their products.*