Words?  Dollars?  Both?
Ryan and I believe in the importance of the digital presence of our real estate.  You can’t think about this presence without thinking about how critical the pictures are that you use.  A 2013 National Assoc. of Realtor’s study found that 90% of home buyers used the internet at some point in their home search.  It’s tough to really get the feel of a home online, but the photos are your best chance to draw people in and make them set up a showing!  Are you planning to sell this Spring?  If so, here’s some things to think about before you pull the trigger:
1.  Less is more.  A really high quality photo of a room filled with “Stuff” just looks like an ad for the Hoarders TV show.  Unless you’re trying to sell your collection of rare beer memorabilia, pack these things away before you start snapping shots.  If you want to be ready to list in the Spring, maybe start spring cleaning early this year.
2.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  If you aren’t happy with a certain shot, don’t be afraid to reshoot it!  If you’re paying for the shots, make sure they are serving their purpose, which is helping you show potential buyers that your home is worth coming to see.  If you aren’t paying for the shots, make sure you or your Realtor take the extra 30 seconds to get the right picture.
3.  Know what you can’t do.  I am a horrible photographer.  I am, however, a pretty good Realtor.  I do my clients a favor by hiring a professional photographer to take high quality shots of my listings.  I also know that cell phone pictures are not the best way to market my products.
They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When you commit to selling your home, make sure you give it your best shot.  Literally!
*As usual, this blog is intended for entertaining real estate talk.  If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, and you want professional personalized guidance, please call us directly.