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Selling a Home?

The decision to sell a home is often at the top of major life events. It is important that the preparation, choices, and effort match the significance of such a big “move”.

Here are a couple of answers to common questions many people think about when preparing to sell a home. We’ll touch on things particularly important in the South Central PA market where we do most business.

1. What’s your goal?

People enter into the home selling process for a multitude of different reasons. Common themes are: New baby, new job, new favorite spot to hang out, or sometimes more serious like a death in the family, a divorce, or a tight financial spot. Often times our first question is this question, because it helps tell us what we need to work hard to achieve with you.

2. How?

This seems simple, right? List it, sell it fast, get the most money! But often, after hearing about your goals, we will work on a strategy for how to sell your home. Sometimes this means doing improvements, and sometimes this means making the decision to sell a home to a cash/as-is buyer to help make the transaction simple.

3. When?

You’ve heard it. The age-old story that real estate hibernates with the bears in Winter. Well, it’s just not true. Sure, the total volume of transactions tends to be lower in the Winter, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t SERIOUS and MOTIVATED buyers out there. If you have a reason to sell your home in the Winter, and you are hesitating just because you want to wait for warm weather, you could cost yourself months of marketing opportunity while there is less competition!

4. What should we know about real estate in the lower Susquehanna Valley?

What a fantastic place to live and do business! The local economies of the various towns of Southern PA offer a huge variety of opportunities. The strength of the economy has a direct impact on the stability of the real estate market. Additionally, the easy commute from the corridor of Harrisburg, York, and Baltimore has a strong positive impact on the housing market. On the negative side, we have some issues that other parts of the country don’t have. radon gas is particularly prevalent in our area due to geography and the geology of the Appalachian mountains. It is important as a seller to know that the area you live in is unique and valuable!

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    To provide the highest level of service, Joe has surrounded himself with the most cutting edge tools and resources. He has carefully crafted a network of trusted professionals, from fellow Realtors to financing experts, inspectors, and building contractors. This web of resources allows Joe’s clients to consistently have excellent service and a great experience.

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